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Premium Headwear Cleaning Kit

Aether Care is the new way to clean your hat. Just roll it on, scrub it up, and wipe it off!

Cleaning your hat is so much easier with our one-stop solution. We've got you covered from head to toe, with a nice-smelling, eco-friendly fragrance that leaves your hat smelling great and feeling fresh.

The innovative design of the Long Handle Premium Brush makes for easy hat cleaning. The Premium Brush is designed to clean hats, the long bamboo handle and short bristles clean the hats effortlessly.

Premium Aether Care Signature Solution

Our signature solution is gentle, yet powerful enough to remove dirt and oil buildups from even the most stubborn fabrics. 

Achieve an extensive and thorough clean of your headwear easily. Created to spot clean your headwear to prevent discolouration and misshapen of your headwear.

Our headwear cleaner does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives and is designed to be completely safe to use on all colours and materials, including cotton, felt, corduroy, nylon, lycra, polyester, and more.

The Aether Premium Headwear Cleaning Kit contains:

  • Aether's 50ml bio-degradable cleaning solution
  • Long Bamboo handle Premium Brush
  • Microfibre cloth

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