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Frequently Asked Questions


Two thorough coats over the whole surface.

Generally after a month of wear. Please ensure the surface is clean and free from dirt and grime.

There is a 3 day turnaround time with our sneaker cleaning service to thoroughly check they are clean and ready before they are returned.

Yes, this requires a process called de-oxidizing which requires a special cream and UV light to make the rubber or plastic return back to its original colour. Please ensure you select this option in your order.

Yes, our Impervious Spray has been formulated to repel dirt and stains off suede, leather soft/hard, nylon and mesh. 

The most effective way is to leave your sneakers out of the box for 12-24hrs for the special nanotechnology formula to work it’s magic, ensuring no liquids, dust or dirt lands on top to ensure a proper coating over your sneakers.

Our coconut extract sneaker cleaning solution has been formulated with ionised water which separates dirt from mesh materials. This process brings the dirt to the surface and once dry will remain to be seen. We recommend an added spot clean to the areas that show some surfaced dirt and letting them fully dry will guarantee fresh white mesh once again.

This is our manufacturing date stamp, there is no used by date for our sneaker care and accessories care.

Yes, please head to Contact and fill in the form to request a quote.


Yes, in Perth only, we deliver within 25 km radius of Aether HQ.

Free delivery Australia wide with orders over $100.

Flat rate of $10AUD within Australia.

Flat rate of $15AUD for Express Delivery within Australia.

Flat rate of $20AUD for all International deliveries.

Please head over to the Refund Policy page for more details