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Our Story

Our Story

Established in 2019, Aether Care was initially a sneaker cleaning solution and service that has evolved into what is now a broad foray into garment care and maintenance.

Founded by 3 brothers that grew up in a household that celebrated ingenuity, sustainability, and entrepreneurialism. Their outlook on creating a mark in the world has been a major driving force, fuelled by the tribulations of growing up Indonesian in Australia.

The 3 brothers have experienced success in each of their chosen fields, pushing the boundaries in creativity, but found their union necessary in driving Aether Care as far as it deserves.

The 3 facets of the brand include a sneaker cleaning service that offers a pickup and delivery option as well as walk-ins to the headquarters based in Burswood, Western Australia. Other elements to the brand include a rigorous wholesale to retailer department and themed pop-up activations to establish marketable connections.

Aether Care pulls away from the velvet rope in personal service and remains as transparent as when the brand was founded. They pride themselves in maintaining a personal relationship with their customers whether it’s for the cleaning service, the wholesale business retailer relations, or direct-to-customer connections for their own line of products.