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Antibacterial Garment/Fabric Spray Eaglewood Fragrance

Antibacterial Garment / Fabric Spray Eaglewood Fragrance

Say goodbye to bacteria and bad odours.

The Antibacterial Garment / Fabric Spray is designed to be used on any garment or fabric that you want to keep fresh and clean. It is also perfect for basketball jerseys, as well as removes odours.

Kills 99.9% of germs

Travel worry-free and lightly scented with Eaglewood.

Bacteria-free garments

Our Antibacterial Garment/Fabric Spray is light-scented and made with 100% natural ingredients, so you don't have to concern yourself with any harmful chemicals. The spray doesn't just cover the outside of your garment, it's formulated to work on fabrics and fibres from the inside out.

Safe for clothes and skin

Our Antibacterial Garment/Fabric Spray is made from natural essential oils like Cedarwood and Eaglewood. We're committed to sustainable practices so we don't use any harmful chemicals that could harm you or the environment. Just spray it on your clothes or travel bag before you pack up for a trip!


Unlike other products on the market, the Antibacterial Garment/Fabric Spray leaves no sticky residue behind, so your clothes remain light scented for days after use.

Stay fresh wherever you go!