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Platinum Garment Care Pack

Brush down, refresh, and protect your wearables with the complete platinum garment care pack for jackets, denim, caps, and jerseys. It is everything you need to maintain your garments to keep them fresh in between washes and extend the life of your garments by reducing washes and effectively distressing the fibers which can cause mishappening the structure and integrity of the garment. 

When you purchase this pack for $45, you save $10.

Platinum garment care pack includes-

Antibacterial Garment Spray-

The Antibacterial Garment/Fabric Spray is designed to be used on any garment or fabric that you want to keep fresh and clean especially perfect for sports jerseys, as this garment spray removes odours with its antibacterial properties.

Premium hogs hair brush -

The Premium Brush is an exquisite and hand-crafted brush that is made of 100% Walnut and hog's hair. This brush is designed to clean delicate materials and has a long handle for easy use.

We know that some materials require a bit more attention, which is why we've created the Premium Brush. This brush is made of soft hog's hair with a hand-crafted walnut wood handle and can be used on delicate materials like suede, mesh, cotton canvas, and more!

Impervious Spray - 

Our Impervious Spray is your solution for protecting your beloved sneakers. The formula is laboratory tested and reviewed for purity and cleanliness.

The nano-spray contains molecules 1,000 times smaller than a human hair, but each molecule is superhydrophobic - making anything it's sprayed onto water & stain-resistant.