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Driving Fashion Industry Sustainability

by Magan Hurrelbrink June 26, 2023 2 min read

Driving Fashion Industry Sustainability

We live in an era where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important, and the fashion industry is no exception. The introduction of Australia's new waste levy is a groundbreaking development that marks a significant milestone in our collective journey towards sustainability. 

The team at Aether Care are thrilled to witness this positive change and are determined to play a crucial role in transforming the fashion industry.

Aether Care was founded with a simple yet powerful idea—to minimise waste in landfills and encourage people to take better care of their garments. The implications of the new waste levy hold immense potential to revolutionise the fashion landscape. By incentivizing responsible waste management, the levy serves as a catalyst for change, propelling companies to reevaluate their manufacturing processes, and waste management, and embrace circularity.

This development presents a golden opportunity for Aether Care and other companies to collaborate with fashion retailers, providing them with tailored solutions that align with the requirements of the waste levy.

But what is the new waste levy?

In essence, it drives companies to adopt circular economy principles, reducing waste and promoting recycling, ultimately urging the adoption of innovative business models. The waste levy also fosters increased consumer awareness and accountability, encouraging individuals to make sustainable purchasing choices and supporting brands that prioritise environmental responsibility. Finally, the levy facilitates the establishment of a transparent and responsible fashion supply chain, ensuring industry-wide sustainability practices.

Every year, 23 billion pairs of shoes are produced and as consumers we buy on average two pairs per person each year. Because of this, 22 billion shoes are thrown into landfill - with most being deemed 'unwearable' only due to minor damage and dirt. This staggering statistic alone highlights the urgency for change. Through our cleaning and repair services, we encourage individuals to better understand the importance of appreciating and taking care of what they already have.

At our core, we want to educate each person on how to better care for their shoes and garments, whether it's getting a regular clean and repair by a professional, or purchasing products to do it yourself at home. On a larger scale, we aim to work with fashion companies on creating a circular economy, minimising waste generation, reducing environmental impact, and championing sustainability in the face of evolving regulations.

As pioneers in sustainable solutions, Aether Care has long been committed to transforming the idea of 'fashion waste' into valuable resources. With the fashion industry embarking on a transformative sustainability journey, Aether Care stands ready to be a trusted partner. The introduction of Australia's new waste levy is a clear indication of the industry's commitment to change.

Together, with collective efforts and industry-wide collaboration, we can shape a future where fashion waste is minimised, resources are maximized, and our planet thrives. The team at Aether Care cannot wait for the charge towards a greener, more sustainable fashion industry.

Don't chuck it; just clean it!

Magan Hurrelbrink

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