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Sunday Kind of Love 001

by Fajar Sugiarto February 28, 2023 2 min read

Sunday Kind of Love 001

Sunday Kinda Love Atendees

Attendees for our family and friends edition workshop from left to right, Strato Sarris, Adam Sugiarto, Steve Zoraida, Tiffany Nelson and Luke Sarris.

An instalment for “Sunday Kind of love” held by co-founder of Aether Care Adam Sugiarto, on Sunday March 12th will be held at the flagship store. Where he will teach the fundamentals of sneaker cleaning and impart his knowledge of tips and tricks on how to get a detailed clean.

This workshop is aimed for people to have some fun and take some time for themselves. A previous workshop was held for family and friends to help launch this monthly event on Sunday 19th February and it was a great success for all attendees on the day.

So, whether you are a regular sneaker cleaner or new to the experience, rest assured Adam's experience and knowledge in sneaker cleaning will give the confidence in caring for your sneakers for many years to come.

Once the workshop is completed and to mark your newfound knowledge. You will be handed a certificate of completion of Sneaker cleaning fundamentals by Aether Care along with the sneaker care take home kit outlined below.

Sunday Kind of love 001 | Workshop details

The cost of the workshop is FREE! All sneaker care products are to be purchased on the day.

The up and coming workshop will be held at our flagship store in Leederville, Western Australia on Sunday 12th March and will essentially be closed to the general public. Apart from the attendees to achieve maximum clarity and comfort in learning this new skill.

These workshops will be held once a month and we can comfortably cater to 8 people each workshop, with tickets sold through Eventbrite. Click here to be directed to their website.

We hope to see you soon!

Fajar Sugiarto

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